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Document Binding

Pre-cut A5 or A4 Binding Wire                Clear Binding Covers

             Pre-cut A5 or A4 Binding Wire                                    Clear Binding Covers            

Leathergrain Backing Card                    Calendar Wire Hangers

           Leathergrain Backing Card                                       Calendar Wire Hangers

Plastic Comb Binding Machine        Plastic Combs 20 Ring/21 Ring

              Plastic Comb binding machine                                     Plastic Combs in 20 Ring or 21 Ring

Swatch Binding

Chicago Binding Interscrews                       Steel Binding Rings

           Chicago Binding Interscrews                                      Steel Binding Rings

Print Finishing

Double-sided ATG Tape                      Envelope Sealing Crystal Discs                                                              

        Double-sided ATG Tape                                        Envelope Sealing Crystal Discs

Gorilla Super Glue Dots                           Double Sided Tape Fingerlift

      Gorilla Super Glue Dots                                          Double Sided Tape Fingerlift

Magnetic Discs, Tape, Squares                 CD, Corner, Card Pockets

       Magnetic Discs, Tape, Squares                                            CD Pockets, Corner Pockets, Card Pockets

Poster Tubes for mailing                                     Rivet Posts

       Poster Tubes for Mailing                                    Rivet Posts


Manual Machines                                            Electric Machines

    Manual machines                                              Electric Machines

Hand Print Finishing Tools              Round Corner Cutting Machine

       Hand Print Finishing Tools                                         Round Corner Cutting Machine

Paper Trimmers/Photo Cutters

           Paper Trimmers/Photo Cutters


Pouch Laminating Machine                           Laminating Pouches
        Pouch Laminating Machine                                          Laminating Pouches

ID Products

ID Lanyards                                                        ID Card Holder
ID Lanyards                                                    ID Card Holder

ID Card Holder with Pin & Clip

          ID Card Holder with Pin & Clip

Signage Display Posters

Sign Holders, Super Grippers                      Suction Cup Grippers

           Sign Holders, Super Grippers                                      Suction Cup Grippers, Hook/Thumbtack

Hook & Loop Velcro Fasteners              Wobblers Arms/Shelf Talkers

                Hook & Loop Velcro Dots/Tape Fasteners                                   Wobblers Arms/Shelf Talkers


New Products

Double Sided Tape
Filing strips in 3:1 pitch
Foam Tape double-sided
Magnetic Closure Discs
Magnetic Disc inserts
Magnetic ID Badge Holder
Media Storage Pockets
Premium High Tack Tape
Pro Banner Eyelet Kits
Sign Holder – Rigid

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